Types of Leave for Civil Servants in Pakistan

Introduction: In Pakistan, civil servants are entitled to various types of leave as per the rules and regulations established in 1980. These leaves are designed to provide employees with necessary breaks and support during different circumstances. Let’s explore the different types of leave available to civil servants:

1. Annual Leave (AL) with Full Pay: Civil servants can accrue annual leave at the rate of 4 days per month, totaling 48 days per year. You can take up to 120 days of leave without a medical certificate and up to 180 days with a medical certificate.

2. Leave on Half Pay (LHP): Upon request, civil servants can convert their annual leave into half-pay leave, which means they receive half their salary during this time.

3. Recreational Leave (RL): This type of leave can be availed once a year for up to 15 days in exchange for 10 days of annual leave.

4. Maternity Leave (ML): Female civil servants are entitled to maternity leave for a maximum of 90 days. This leave is available only three times during their entire service and does not deduct from their total leave count.

5. Special Leave (SL): Female civil servants can get special leave for up to 130 days in the event of their spouse’s death.

6. Disability Leave (DILEAVE): In case a civil servant is unable to perform their duties due to illness, they can be granted disability leave for a maximum of 720 days. During the first 180 days, they receive full pay, while the remaining period is compensated with half pay.

7. Leave Not Due (LND): If there is no leave balance, civil servants can avail advance leave from future accruals. This type of leave is limited to 365 days.

8. Leave Ex-Pakistan: This leave is granted to civil servants when they need to travel to another country.

9. Leave Preparatory to Retirement (LPR): Civil servants can take LPR to meet the minimum service requirement for retirement. It can be availed for a maximum of 365 days.

10. Extraordinary Leave (EOL): EOL can be taken for up to 5 years after completing 10 years of service or for 2 years on the discretion of the competent authority in special cases.

11. Casual Leave: Apart from the mentioned leaves, civil servants are also entitled to 30 days of casual leave per year, which is granted without the need for specific reasons.

These various types of leave ensure that civil servants are supported in different situations and can balance their personal and professional lives effectively.

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